POC Organizing Committee Member, Carol Miller, M.D. director of pediatric Primary Care at University of California San Francisco Benioff Children’s Hospital, San Francisco explains issues that reduce the availability and quality of medical care for children from low-income and minority families.

Membership is open to physicians and other medical professionals who agree to participate in furthering POC’s objectives. Members are eligible for benefits as listed above. Members declare their own level of voluntary participation. Membership is also open to institutions, from group practices to integrated medical networks.

Physicians often begin their volunteer work with POC by agreeing to help a colleague who is facing a government or insurance company denial of care for their patient. When physicians discover that they are not alone in their predicament, and agree with the need for organization of other medical professionals to bring about change within the medical system, they join POC. Some serve as liaisons to POC for their hospital, specialty, medical society or geographic region.

POC develops and pursues policy issues that grow out of individual physician grievances. At membership request, these issues can be developed into entire sub-committees of their own.

(left to right) POC Administrative Assistant David Miller, Tulare Local Health Care District Board Members Mike Jamaica, Sonovia Gutierrez, and Kevin Northcraft.

Some members agree to serve on the Physicians Advocacy and Information Task Force (PAITF) and provide advocacy and advice on cases in their field. Others help as general benefit case coordinators, membership staff, newsletter production or distribution staff, or coordinate literature tables, speaking engagements and house or office meetings. Members write for the newsletter, do photography, graphics, recruit sponsors or help with phone calls and general office administration.

If you are interested in reversing the corporatization and degradation of our health care system, we guarantee you an opportunity for participation that will make a difference. Individual dues are voluntary and are $20 per month. Institutional dues are worked out on a case-by-case basis, and vary depending on the circumstances of the institution.