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Chief of Pediatrics Valerie Barnes, M.D. (fourth from right) seeks assistance from POC staff members (counter clockwise from upper left) Mai Yangthara, M.D., and President, Geoffrey Wilson in resolving the obstacles she and her colleagues encounter at Natividad Medical Center in Salinas, Calif.

Do you find yourself being forced to retreat further and further from the goals and ethical standards you aspired to when you first decided to pursue a career in medicine?
Are you dissatisfied with the restrictions on the quality of care you are permitted to provide your patients and the onerous economic demands being placed on physicians today by insurance carriers and hospital management corporations?

Vin Sawhney, M.D., (left) addresses the Medical Staff of San Leandro Hospital as to the threat of a pending closure of their facility, while recommending they join Physicians Organizing Committee to develop a strategy for change. They did join and waged a successful campaign to save their hospital.

Join POC…

To work with others committed by oath and compelled by our own ethical and professional standards to reverse this situation.

Join POC…

To demand and demonstrate a practice of medicine consistent with the needs of our patients and the communities we serve.