POC is a free and voluntary, unincorporated private membership association. When doctors and other health professionals or organizations join as members, they become eligible for the benefits of the association. POC assists members, upon formal request, to secure proper care for their patients. These benefits include everything from advocacy to getting an insurance company to authorize a medically-necessary course of treatment, to mounting a campaign to reverse government or corporate policies that harm patient care.

POC members at the 3 March 2015 Physicians Advocacy and Information Task Force meeting discussing the next steps in the Mental Health Strategy (Clockwise from left) Robert Okin, M.D.; Richard Shadoan, M.D.; Chris Davis, Psy. D.; Michelle Wilson, R.N.; Adam Nelson, M.D.; Brian Tseng, Membership Coordinator; John Rouse, M.D.; George Back-y-Rita, M.D. and Geoffrey Wilson, POC President.

Members enjoy the right to bring proposals for collective actions or additions to POC’s programs to the MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS held on every other Wednesday, at 6:30 p.m. at the POC office. These meetings include representative delegates from group practices, specialties or medical organizations. Here members discuss problems confronting the profession, potential solutions and make assignments toward realizing decisions.

Members participate as they are able. It is only through active membership participation and voluntary contributions from members, supportive individuals, organizations and businesses that we are able to accomplish our work. POC accepts no government funding or other funding that could influence the priorities of the organization. POC is entirely volunteer. There are no paid staff and there is no charge for any of the

STAFF MEETINGS are open to all POC volunteers and are held every Saturday at 4:00 p.m. These are working meetings to provide an overview of our current work, review our progress, announce upcoming projects and receive input on how to best meet our objectives.